Saturday, March 31, 2007

Working The Farmer Tan

Sat AM- 6.6miles -53min
PM- 11 miles- 1:30

Lots of laps in the sun today. The summer has come to the Sinai...temps hit 97 today in the shade. Hot. I worked on my farmer tan....getting the backs of my legs, posterior arm/elbow, and neck nice and tanned up. I wear a hat these days. Too many sunburns on my face...and too much skin cancer in my family.

A pretty quiet day today. I slept in late and thus ran in above 90 degree temps from 10-11 AM then waited until 4:30 to do the second run. That was nice as a good breeze always blows as the afternoon passes and the sun dips behind the mountains here at the southcamp. We don't set our clocks ahead until April 27th so sun sets at 5:40 or so here.

Why two runs? Well two runs is a lot less stress on the body than one longer one. Two runs allows a quicker pace than one, and allows recovery between runs. I can maintain a higher weekly mileage off two a days than singles. Currently I am trying to bank as many miles as possible while re-incorporating speed work again after a 5 year lay off. Thus long runs would add too much stress there won't be any for a while. As the weeks roll by, and I hopefully get faster, I'll put long runs back in and gear up for July's 100 miler. I plan on doing a couple of runs of 35 or so and a couple at 45-50 miles come late May-early June. The weeks 7 to 5 weeks prior to July 21st should exciting! But, lots of work to get done before then.

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