Sunday, March 25, 2007

Running In The Dirt

Sat- 6 miles- 47:25

Sun AM- 3 miles- jog

Wow, I just spent some time reading and looking at photos of the World XC championships held this year in Kenya. Looks like FUN, and I remember all the good times I have had running XC in high school and College. I think trail running and ultras is merely an extension of that fun sport. It is just fun to run on dirt, over the earth, and through the woods! I miss that here. I am sure a huge part of the soreness and aches I feel most days is because all my miles are on concrete, roads, and sun scorched backed sand that has been pounded into concrete-like firmness. Well only 90 some days and I'll be running in North Carolina for a brief period. Then on to Virginia, upstate New York, and finally in Vermont. July is going to be busy.....but at least I get to run on DIRT! as Montrail's logo so correctly states...Dirt IS GOOD!

Entertainment this weekend included the Indiana Jones series, the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean, and the movie Blood Diamond. If you ever wanted to do something for the soldiers deployed in Iraq, send DVD's! Without TV, and having lots of time to kill, DVD's are great. I am fortunate to be on an established base (the MFO has been here for 25 years) so we actually have a lending library with all kinds of DVD's. They along with my laptop and IPOD are the best.

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