Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Virginia Ultra Plans

I've been thinking a lot about my up coming race plans and wishes for next year and beyond. What I want to do is complete all of the ultras in the state of Virginia, and most all in the mid-atlantic. Since the calendar is continually growing it is a good tough goal. The following is the schedule as far as I can see and includes what I have done so far: By month; Race, previous placing

VHTRC-SLUG Red Eye FA 50k- (3rd, 4th )
Swinging Bridge 50k (9th)

T.W.O.T- (finished one loop- want 4 someday)
Holiday Lake 50K++ (51st)
Reverse Ring 71 miler (2nd)

Catawba Run Around - (6th, 10th)
Fairfax County 50K (?)
Elizabeth Furnace FA 50K (3rd)
Bel Monte 50mile (4th)
Chocolate Bunny 50k (?)

Bull Run Run 50 (4th, 8th, 37th, 204th)
Promise Land 50k (16th)
24hr Adventure Trail Run (?)

MMT 100 (2nd, 5th, 19th)

Old Dominion 100 (?)

Catherine's Furnace 50K (10th, 10th, 45th)

*Anything here?????

Odyssey 40- (2nd)
GEER 100k (13th)
MMT Ring 71- (4th)

Iron Mountain 50 Mile- (?)
Potomac Heritage 50K (15th)
Andiamo 45 -(5th)
Grindstone 100 Mile- (2009)
New River Trail 50K (?)

MMTR 50- (7th, 39th,80th)

Hellgate 100k- (35th)
Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50K- (1st, 14th)
Boyers Furnace 40 (1st)

So basically I have a few more (of 28 total) Virginia ultras to complete. With hopes of checking a few more off in 2009.

Some Other East Coast Classics I want to do/ Have done:

North Carolina:
Uwharrie 40 (21st)
Mt Mitchell 40 (22nd)
Umstead 50 (6th)

JFK 50 mile (5th, 65th, 185th)
Catoctin 50K (6th, 29th)
Greenway Trail 50K (12th)
HAT 50K -(?)

West Virginia:
Capon Valley 50K (?)
Rattlesnake 50K (?)
Big Schloss 50K (swept in 04, run in 09?)
Highland Sky 40 (?)
Cheat mt Moonlight 50 mile (2009?)

Wow, I've got to get busy! But, I very much look forward to going to and experiencing new races. Here's to a good ultra season


ultrastevep said...

Hi Greg....

I should see you at a lot of those...Horton has challenged me to come down and do the Beast. A series of 6 races, which starts with Holiday Lake, ends with Hellgate and includes Grindstone. I just might take him up on it!

See you at Boyer's,

Paul DeWitt said...

Shut-In-Ridge Trail Run is another "must do" race in North Carolina. Not an ultra but still a great race. I think it is about 18 miles.
- paul

Loomdog said...

Steve, No beast series for me. I would hate to feel like I HAD to go run an event since I had already done x of 6 races. I'd be tempted to run injured or when I was mentally spent. Besides I heard the terapin mtn marathon has more rocks than the MMT ring! the heck with that!

Paul, Shut in is one of those classics like the Escarpment in NY and the mt washington run up/pikes peak...races I'd love to do and experience but the entry process is rediculous to get into. I feel VERY lucky to have gotten into Mt Mitchell for 2008 after wanting in for a number of years.

The posting of entry procedures for BRR 50 today were very interesting (and fair) Hope I am lucky there too.

Sophie Speidel said...


PLEASE leave Boyers in late December! It would be awful in August. It fits perfectly into the schedule as it is. See you then!


Jim Harris said...

Hey, I don't see any Ohio Races on your list.

Mohican is a classic 100 miler, and the Burning River 100 is a runners course, except for the heat and humidity. The Buckeye Trail 50K has two options, a winter and a sunmmer version. Also my favorite is the YUT-C 50K classic in Youngstown along with the Covered Bridge 50K. Then you have all of the southern Ohio 50K's plus the Hocking Hills 60K Indina Run and even a few other FA events as well. And over the weekend we had the URINEO 50 Miler.

You better get a Franklin Planner to fit it all in.