Saturday, December 1, 2007

Interval rest revisited

9 miles- 1:24 exploring new trails

Okay so I read some from Ohio coach Tinman last night. He is citing some research and promoting an idea that makes some good sense to me. Rest periods post intervals at a high level pace such as VO2max pace or 3k-5k race pace. He is suggesting these should have a long recovery and not the typical American system thinking of shorter rest equals a faster athlete. This might be true for repeats at supra-vo2max effort that are short in distance. (200m reps) and true for long reps at a lactate threshold pace. (cruise interval miles at 1/2 marathon pace with 30-60sec rest). But for the standard 3xmile workout at 3k-5k race pace. Its likily better to take 75-100% of the time of the interval for a rest period.

This is something I have rarely ever done. 3xmile in 5:00-5:40 on 2 min rest is something I have probably done 80 times. Yet, the times when I ran repeats like that or 2x 2mile or 2mile rest one mile...with big recoveries I raced my best times ever. I think going forward I will try adding some extra rest between v02max intervals.

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Dave said...

I had my best marathon performance when my interval workouts were as follows: Jog 800 meters; run 800 meters at 20 sec faster than marathon pace; jog 800 meters; run 800 meters at 20 sec faster than marathon pace; continue for 15 miles.

Each interval was roughly at the anaerobic threshold or a little faster. Each jog brought my HR back down to get a full recovery until the last couple.