Sunday, September 30, 2007

G.E.E.R 100K Racing AGAIN!!!

After running the Odyssey 40 miler last weekend with its 9,oooft of climb and recovering pretty well, I decided last minute to go ahead and run the Great Eastern Endurance Run (GEER)100K this weekend as a way of getting a super endurance beat down to build from. I thus am abandoning my original plan to run the Towpath marathon (Oct 7th) in Ohio after spending next week in Chicago. I'm driving home Friday afternoon/eve and not waiting around in Ohio Saturday for a Sunday need to be away from home if I don't need too! After a year away, I am not eager to be away much anymore.

After last Saturday's 40 miler I took two days off to rest up and felt pretty good the rest of the week doing 9,8, and 6 milers on Tues, Wed , Thurs...decided I would go to GEER, took Friday off and managed the TOUGH 62 miles with nearly 16,000ft of climb in 14:03. Good enough for a top 15 finish out of 80 entrants.

The 100K was absolutely beautiful. we ran along the blue ridge mountains with views of Charlottesville, the Priest Mountain. We ran on all kinds of surfaces: 5miles blacktop, miles of crushed stone roads, dirt road, jeep trail, and miles and miles of rocky/rooty/and even some soft pine needle smooth trail. All on one of the best marked courses I have ever been on.

All things considered it was a very good weekend despite getting up at 3am..driving 2 hours...running for 45min in the dark with no lights(whoops bad planning) running all of the daylight hours, then running for another 45minutes in the dark with my trusty Petzl headlamp and driving 2 hours back home....ugh tired. Best part about the race was the hot Lasagna at the finish line!!!!

I LOVE ultras!!!!!!!!!!

I started out conservatively following others with lights, then bombed down the first big downhill, settled in after a pit stop of trail and ran with good VHTRC friend and eventual women's 100k Champion, Michele Harmon, from mile 19 to 39. We then went back and forth with each other as we both took good spells and bad patches at different times. She pulled away from me on the climb from mile 51-55. And finished in a great 13:17. Congrats!

I made one big mistake... I ran miles 40-47 in 61 minutes. It was downhill, shaded and cooler, and beautiful...what can I say I fired up and trying to gain some time back after a long uphill climb. I simply over-ran, fell behind in caloric intake, and then bonked at mile 49 big time. I could not climb back out of it until mile 56. And even then I never returned to the good feeling I had enjoyed the first 8 hours of the day.

Another SOLID stomach run with NUUN and clif shot blocks doing the trick all day with some nibbling off the aid station tables as well. Gorgeous weather with temps 55-80-60 and sunny.

Now I have very clear plans for my JFK prep. Rest! With no long runs the next 4 weeks, but some quality marathon pace tempos set up I hope to run the Marine Corps Marathon On Oct 28th in the 2:50's.

In the running world news, congrats to Scott Jurek on defending his Spartathon 153 mile race title in sub 24 hours! And to Mark Godale on finishing 16th in 30 hours. And to the little Ethiopian hero Haile G on setting the marathon world record!!!!!! Amazingly at age 34.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Racing again.. Odyssey 40 miler

Friday- 3 miles- 26min
Saturday- 40 miles- 7:19- 2nd place
Sunday- 0 off with mildly sore quads

This weekends race at the Odyssey 40 mile...(also a 1/2 and full marathon) went very well for me although some of my friends unfortunately had trouble and stopped after two loops of the 3 loop course.

I ran much of the first 13.3 mile loop with Goat Powell before he pulled away on the 1500ft climb. But, I did stay with Jeff Wilbur through the entire first loop running a 2:16 split ( followed by 2:28 and 2:34) where we cruised the seemingly 6 mile downhill to the start finish strongly. My quads were a bit shaky and I wondered if I hadn't just blown them out and would regret the semi-hard run down on laps two and three, but ended up having no trouble.

Jeff had asthma trouble on the climb of loop two and I moved on ahead running some with a few who were in the marathon race. I continued to eat the clif shot blocks and drink 3-4 bottles of NUUN per loop as it got muggy and temps climbed into the 80's but had no stomach trouble at all. This is honestly the best my stomach has felt in an ultra in 3-4 years. It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!

And though I liked clif blocks and NUUN before, I had not used them exclusively in a race until this. I ate nothing at all other than 1600Cals of shot blocks and drank nothing but NUUN water all day.

My energy stayed constant and I just ate the blocks on desire rather than according to a set time schedule. This worked really well and I surely will continue this again. Laps 2 and 3 went pleasantly with me pushing myself pretty hard and hoping to catch the leader on the last, but heard he had a 56 minute lead on me with 6 miles to obviously I am not in THAT good of shape yet, but it was fun to run strongly in an ultra again after so long.

A big congrats to friend and VHTRC/Montrail-Nathan teammate Sophie who finished an impressive third overall in 7:53.

Quads are a bit sore and stiff but nothing too bad and I am feeling excited for the coming weeks.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Going faster now

Wednesday- 12 miles- 8:oo pace
Thursday 1 up 4mile cut down-26:08, 1cd

Book 6 is done. Closing in.

I felt really good yesterday during the cut down run and changed plans mid workout. I did 4 rather than three miles as it felt great. It took 7 laps to feel good but it got better from there. I basically ran faster each of the 16 laps running splits of 6:49, 6:37, 6:25, and 6:17. Amazing how the 6:20's felt better than 6 :40's.

I'm off to the Odyssey 40 tomorrow. Should be fun to go long again with a race number on. This is my first ultra (of the non- 100 mile variety) in 18 months....!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Races looming

Thursday- 8 miles 66min
Friday- 4 miles 1 up, 2miles 13:10, 1 dn
Saturday- 12miles at 8:00 pace
Sunday- 8 miles with Anne
Monday- 6 miles speed day: 16,12,8,4 ladder
Tuesday- off...lazy

Well, I have read the first 5 Harry Potter books now. working my way through. Also have been getting some leg turnover going.

Friday's run was a favorite.....running on a track I jog the corners and stride the straights. Gradually you get faster. a 2 mile is like running 16x100m repeats with equal recovery. It is a great workout for a number of reasons. I need more of this for sure.

Monday I ran a test ladder running pretty strongly on the track. By myself probably 90% effort...surely would feel easier with company, but it went well: After a short warm up and 2 laps of 100m on, 100 off to get the legs going I ran 1600- 6:14, 1200- 4:24, 800-2:49, 400-73 all on 3 min recovery. I certainly am not as fast as I was in Egypt, but I am coming around and feeling better.

I'll go moderately long today and am looking forward to getting in a strong 40 miler on Saturday.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My boys

Well my boys are trying to get along. Look, we got them to pose together!!!!!
Puppy parenting continues to be fun....and challenging.
Running is coming along:
Monday- 10 miles- 82min
Tuesday- off
Wednesday- 19 miles- 3hrs (16 running- 3 walking cool down)
I know I need to do more of these steady longish runs. 90min-2 hours+ really works well for me when done on a regular basis. I need to get my yoga routine going again too. At least I am doing regular pull ups and back kayaking again. I already have shed some weight and am feeling fitter. Some races coming up soon:
Sept 22-Odyssey 40- as kind of an aided training run
Oct 7th- Towpath marathon- as a fitness test
Oct 28th- Marine Corps marathon- for a new PR???
Nov 17th- JFK 50mile- please please let me be fit enough to break 7hrs again!!!
Dec 8th-Hellgate 100K- for an experience
I will be off to Chicago to begin my prosthetics program for a 4 day mini-course at the beginning of October. Really looking forward to getting that rolling.
Great article today in the Washington Post on the new Amputee center being dedicated today at Walter Reed. Money well spent!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Saturday: 1 mile warm up, mile- 7:15 (100m on/off)
4x400m- 86, 83, 81, 79 (on 60sec rest)
3200m- 12:41 (HR ave 162bpm (172 at finish))
4x200m- 36, 36, 36, 36 on 200m jog

Sunday- 4 mile walk

A pretty good workout on Saturday just trying to mess around on the track. I left the house with no plan and ended up at the track, then did some quicker stuff, ran tempo pace with lactate in the legs then tried to turn them over a bit. I was sore today, but not horribly so. Progress.

Congrats to fellow central Virginian- Howard Nippert on his 8th place 6:49- 100k at the world championships, and to Greg Crowther USA 50k/100k nat'l champ finishing 12th in a PR 6:52. And to Chad Ricklefs who was 19th in 7:01 or so. Strong showing for USA finishing 3rd overall Team..

Also Congrats to The new Wasatch 100 mile course record holder Kyle Skaggs. He just got Karl Meltzer's record by 8 Karl has his sights on getting Hal's record at The Bear 100. Fun times in the sport.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Tuesday- 0 miles one hour kayak
Wed- 10 miles- 82minutes
Thurs- 8 mils 64min last mile 6:35

Well I am working out very regularly again now and starting to feel like a runner again. Yesterday's 10 and today's 8 on the treadmill (watching blackhawk Down) were very smooth. I kayaked pretty intensely on Tuesday and was sore. Great core and upper body work that is. I have been missing that for 5 years and I know it helps my running.

I am getting excited for the upcoming fall schedule with lots of long outings planned and I hope to be running pretty well by Nov. and December. Gotta be better than Vermont 100 went. :-(

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wild Oak Trail

Sat- 5miles- easy roads
Sun- 26 miles- 7 hours- TWOT loop
Monday- 7 miles road with Anne

WOOOOHOOOOOOO! I love Virginia Mountains. Okay I love to look at them and run down them, but going up still sucks. My year in the flat desert lands is still showing as I had a hard time on the 9,000ft of climb during the 26 mile The wild Oak Trail loop. 7 hours is not actually that bad a time for this loop though I hear Dave Horton, Dennis Herr and Courtney Campbell (all legends of VA ultrarunning have done loops under 5 hours.

It was a great weekend here in VA and it was great to get out for some mountain running once again. The legs are coming around as I managed to put in 50 miles last week. Thus beginning to get back into it (July = 200 miles, august = 102 miles ...booooo pathetic!)

Probably the coolest thing was seeing the mtn bikers that were out riding the Shenandoah mountain 100 miler. None-other-than THE Floyd Landis passed us on a climb. Pretty cool!! VHTRC and Montrail team mate Sophie Speidel has great pics up here. Floyd finished third here and did well at the Leadville mtn bike 100 last month as well.

A busy but optimistic week as I signed up for races in Sept, October, December, and Feb, as well as began planning on again holding the Boyer's Furnace fat ass 40 miler as RD again, tentatively planned for new year's weekend. (Sunday Dec 30- 7AM start)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

World Championships

Thursday- o miles- 50minute KAYAK!!!!!!
Friday- 10 miles -80min

FINALLY! It has been five years, but I am back on the water in my trusty walden Paddles (100% recycled material) kayak. Very exciting and the James river here in Richmond is awesome for casual paddling like I like to do in my 12.5 foot touring kayak. I like the calmness and repetitive motion of travel under my power on non-crazy rapids water (much like running)

then yesterday I got the treadmill broke in in the new house by running while watching the World Championships of Track and Field. Fun stuff watching the best of the best show you how it is done. USA is doing VERY well winning 100, 200, 400, 4x100 as expected but also with decent showings in the distance races for a change.

10K men 7,9,11, 10K women 3, 6
5k women- 7,8, 1500 men- 1,8
5k men- yet too be run...... but I am hoping for big things. A least one USA medal.... maybe 3 guys in top 6??? Possible... they rock!

I met Adam Goucher in 2000 and he was super cool and has been busting out good runs for over a decade now. I wish him well.

I also want to wish the MMT RING runners well, as today, 19 runners attempt to make it into the fellowship!!!!!!!!

Going long tomorrow...time to get in shape for the fall racing