Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wild Oak Trail

Sat- 5miles- easy roads
Sun- 26 miles- 7 hours- TWOT loop
Monday- 7 miles road with Anne

WOOOOHOOOOOOO! I love Virginia Mountains. Okay I love to look at them and run down them, but going up still sucks. My year in the flat desert lands is still showing as I had a hard time on the 9,000ft of climb during the 26 mile The wild Oak Trail loop. 7 hours is not actually that bad a time for this loop though I hear Dave Horton, Dennis Herr and Courtney Campbell (all legends of VA ultrarunning have done loops under 5 hours.

It was a great weekend here in VA and it was great to get out for some mountain running once again. The legs are coming around as I managed to put in 50 miles last week. Thus beginning to get back into it (July = 200 miles, august = 102 miles ...booooo pathetic!)

Probably the coolest thing was seeing the mtn bikers that were out riding the Shenandoah mountain 100 miler. None-other-than THE Floyd Landis passed us on a climb. Pretty cool!! VHTRC and Montrail team mate Sophie Speidel has great pics up here. Floyd finished third here and did well at the Leadville mtn bike 100 last month as well.

A busy but optimistic week as I signed up for races in Sept, October, December, and Feb, as well as began planning on again holding the Boyer's Furnace fat ass 40 miler as RD again, tentatively planned for new year's weekend. (Sunday Dec 30- 7AM start)


JohnF said...

Pretty cool

I went to school in SW Virginia, but that was before getting into things like trail running and mtn biking. Kind of wish I had taken advantage of the terrain when I lived there.

Sophie Speidel said...

Yo Greg!

Great, great day on the TWOT loop with you guys! Thanks for the company!
BTW, I have linked your blog from my blog :-)

See you soon.