Saturday, September 1, 2007

World Championships

Thursday- o miles- 50minute KAYAK!!!!!!
Friday- 10 miles -80min

FINALLY! It has been five years, but I am back on the water in my trusty walden Paddles (100% recycled material) kayak. Very exciting and the James river here in Richmond is awesome for casual paddling like I like to do in my 12.5 foot touring kayak. I like the calmness and repetitive motion of travel under my power on non-crazy rapids water (much like running)

then yesterday I got the treadmill broke in in the new house by running while watching the World Championships of Track and Field. Fun stuff watching the best of the best show you how it is done. USA is doing VERY well winning 100, 200, 400, 4x100 as expected but also with decent showings in the distance races for a change.

10K men 7,9,11, 10K women 3, 6
5k women- 7,8, 1500 men- 1,8
5k men- yet too be run...... but I am hoping for big things. A least one USA medal.... maybe 3 guys in top 6??? Possible... they rock!

I met Adam Goucher in 2000 and he was super cool and has been busting out good runs for over a decade now. I wish him well.

I also want to wish the MMT RING runners well, as today, 19 runners attempt to make it into the fellowship!!!!!!!!

Going long tomorrow...time to get in shape for the fall racing

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