Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Burning River 100

After 8 weeks recovery from the OD 100 I laced up the Asics 2140's for another 100 attempt. My mileage the last 8 weeks was between 0 and 47 miles per week with my long run being a few 10 milers and one 12 miler with Anne on the C&O towpath.

So how long does good training stay in your legs?? hmmm. Since the Build up for the MMT 100 I have done no speed, no hills, and no runs over 12 miles other than the 65 miles at MMT May 18th and the 100 at OD the first week of June. That is probably pushing it. I guess it was enough though, as the BR 100 I ran august 1st ended up being one of my best 100 runs ever!

I had zero stomach issues and nothing but smiles and good times for 94 miles. The last 7 (it was 101 miles) sucked a bit. I was ready to be done and very tired, but hey that is a LONG way. I ended up running 22:33 on what I would consider a pretty tough course. Harder than RR, UM, VT, AT and about the same as OD but slower due to the muddy footing and more trail miles.

BR 100 has it all, and reminded me of MANY of my favorite races. Such as:

1- the amazingly cool tour thru rock formations in the "ledges" section (mile 70-ish) was like Laurel highlands

2- the miles of curvy, rolling hills, and real nice single track was like BRR 50

3- The amazing big grassy hill at 75 was like those around the KT aid station at hardrock...just without the altitude

4- the farm houses and horse farms and quaint towns and crappy footing through a farm field reminded me of the VT 100.

All in all it was a first class race from the pre-race dinner and brief to the course, course marking, aid stations, volunteers, and RD. Two thumbs up!!!!

Back to old school

Okay so I took 2 months off from the blog. A couple of good runs in there since MMT.

3 weeks after the MMT disappointment I went back to the Shenandoah's for some redemption at the original Old Dominion 100. Wow what a race. lots of dirt roads in the beautiful valley, just enough hilly rocky trails to make you feel it, but not too much to make you hate life. and presto! a nice 5th place finish in 21:20

This was a return to old school running for me.......

1. Drove out the Day before after working a full day
2. Missed pre-run dinner and briefing- ate subway for dinner
3. slept in my car
4- Had no crew
5-Had no pacer
6- did not put out any drop bags
7- carried 3000cals worth of gels,blocks,sharkies with me
8-carried 2 battles and used my Nathan vest
9-nibbled off all the aid tables, but not too much
10-had mild stomach trouble in the heat of the day- backed off the pace and pushed hard again when it passed.
11- bonked a bit after crushing the big hill (miles 75-83- in 2nd best split)
12- finished my 17th 100 in one of my best times.