Thursday, November 27, 2008

Running with the Family

The last two Saturdays I have been spending some quality time with family. On the 15th Anne and I ran the Richmond marathon together in 70+ degree heat and humidity. On the 22nd my brother Tim and I ran the JFK 50 miler together in temps ranging from 15-35 degrees with a stiff wind blowing. Both were tough!!!

Looking back at the last 15 months since returning from Egypt and leaving the Army I have raced a bit excessively...even for a the fringe population of ultrarunners I hang out with. All told I have done 2 official marathons and 18 ultras. Although I keep saying I am about to cut back...train more and become more fit and competitive racing selectively and trying REALLY hard. I doubt it will happen. Mentally it is pretty hard for me to have a big goal and solely work towards it only to have something beyond my control like sickness or weather ruin my chances of pulling it off. I have gone the other way and end up going to multiple events running with a "hey I'll have fun with this one" attitude and generally just enjoying myself. I have come to grips at long last with finish placings and race times well off what I have done previously.

Goals for 2009 at this point include a possible run at MMT 100 again and maybe a 24hr run.
Or MAYBE a through run of the towpath and its entire 184.5 miles.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Recovery Week

2 runs 15 miles
Thurs- 6 miles easy
Sat- 9 miles w/ 3200m-6:29-12:42

I took it easy this week resting up for the up coming beat downs. I want to be feeling really good as I will be running the Richmond Marathon with Anne Saturday and then the JFK 50 miler with my brother Tm on the 22nd. Its good to be fresh.

My quads had some soreness Sunday and Monday on the stairs and I could tell I had worked a bit harder than I have in a while. So I fell into the pattern I often go into. Big runs....big recovery.

Since I ran Hardrock in July I have only run 58 times for 584 miles. Or 10 miles per run. October was even more extreme with 17 runs with an average of 13.4 miles per run. I don't get out often but when I do I make it count.

This should change soon as I will be starting a new job with a commute I hope to do M-F of 10 miles. I plan on driving or biking into work M/W/F and running home, then Running in and driving/riding home on T/Th. The consistency should be great.

Wish me luck

Sunday, November 2, 2008


38th- 9:31:57

WOW! What a fine day. Best weather and prettiest foliage in all of the over 70 ultras I have run in. I had a great time running on the beautiful course this year starting conservatively and working my way up through the field. One bad patch between 24 and 31 miles and then ran well moving strongly regaining those that passed me and then some. I even managed the last 3++ miles (4?) from the last aid station in under 30 minutes. Man it felt good to finish that strongly after having such a tough go in the last ten miles of the Andiamo 45 last month.

More importantly I probably had one of the best races in terms of stomach/fuel/electrolyte management I've had in years. I used water only in my hand held bottle, but drank some coke at the aid stations and used 12 packs of gels and ate some pringles, M&M's, and fig newtons along the way. All of which are favorites of mine. I did have 2 pit stops (mile 22,28), but did not experience the un-draining stomach/bloating problems that have plagued me so often.