Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Settled now????????

Sunday- 21 miles- 5hrs
Monday- off
Tuesday- 6 mon TM 1 up, mile-6:22, 2min jog, 3miles @6:40

wow, am I ever going to settle in?? Moving from a one bedroom apt to a house is very involved. We have now bought something for every single room.... And this weekend purchased a 2007 Honda accord. Most expensive month ever for sure!! :-)

Nice to have a house though, and having a dinning room table is nice too. The new accord is great and opens up some doors to me again. Not having a vehicle where we live has been a bit limiting. Time to get the kayak out..slap it on the roof of my old Sentra and hit the river!

Also in the big Life news file... I was accepted into Northwestern's blended learning prosthetics program and will be starting that in November. It culminates in June 08 in time for us to move back to DC. Very exciting.

Now, if I could just get a running routine back! I did manage a fun day in Shenandoah running with buds from the VHTRC on Sunday. Nothing speedy, but good to be out and moving again for 5 hrs. The legs were a bit shaky and weak. I also seemed to have a virus last weekend...ugh unpleasant, but gone now.

Yesterday's treadmill workout was something I hope to build on. 6:20 was too fast, but 6:40's felt okay, hard but comfortable with HR at 160. As the weeks approach JFK 50 I hope to extend this to 20 miles.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Thursday 7 miles- 65mins

This is my new little buddy: Oskar

This is his 4 year older brother, Joey..... helping unpack:

And here he is in his new favorite place to sleep....and go where Oskar can't!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Trying and trying

Monday- 4miles- 37min exploring new neighborhood
Tues- 3 miles- 26min- unmotivated run on trails by river
Wed- 4 miles- 0.5 w up, 5k on track-19:45, 0.5 c dn

Wow talk about no motivation!!!!!!! With all the changes this schedule oriented guy is hurting lately. My body is just feeling off compared to how I was prior to leaving Egypt. but, mainly it has been no will to get out and run. I have got 4 days in in a row now so maybe I can compel myself to keep it going.

I was pressed for time yesterday so I went to the track to get in something quality. I ran a 5k pretty hard getting into it ad pressing. laps the first mile were 1:39,1:39,1:38,1:38 (6:32) then I ran 1:34's for the 2nd mile (6:16) and continued that for the last mile running a bit quicker on lap 12 (6:12) and finishing it off with a 45sec-200 for a 19:45 or about 6:20per mile pace. Not wretched, but not what I had worked up to. I really really hate that running fitness/ability is so transient. Really isn't fair. If I have kids I should "push" them into a different that is skill based!!!!!!!!!!

A couple options this weekend.... a 1/2 marathon here in Richmond. Nothing like a road race to wake you up! Or the VHTRC folks are running a 21 miler in shenandoah out of Charlottesville. might go up for that. Main task this weekend is to test drive cars! We need to purchase a nice sized 4 dr sedan..... any suggestions? Looking to get a used one in the $15-20,000 range.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I've been busy

Sunday- 19 Aug- 5 miles -1up, 3xmile, 1 dn

Okay it has been a while!!!!!!!! Life moves fast.... Since the last blog I drove a UHAUL to Richmond, unpacked it for 2 days (thanks for the help Quatro) then headed off to Ithaca, NY for good Friend Ian's wedding on aug 4th. Ran with a bunch of the old ICXC teammates that day and felt the blown hip flexor (psoas) muscle after a short 45min run.

We then went back to Richmond only to catch a 6am flight out the next day to The Dominican Republic! This was a reunited-celebratory vacation. Anne and I had scheduled a trip to the Caribbean last summer that had to be canceled due to me heading out to Egypt for a year... Then I come home with Anne immersed in Bar studying. So, once she took the exam and we had moved to Richmond it was time to go!!

A great time there....lots of time in the sun, on the beach, in restaurants, and being lazy. I began reading the Harry Potter series (I am 33 and male..but it okay) Got thru books one and two and now into the 3rd.

Then we got OSKAR!!!!!!! He is an 8 week old miniature Schnauzer and he is awesome. Life consuming, but awesome. Lots of pictures to follow once my internet gets back up (we had a huge storm that fried our cable modem...I'm scamming the neighbors wireless now, but it is not super great.

So finally after actually BEING in Richmond for a week... we are all unpacked and settling in. I have had some exploratory runs and like it. trails 3 miles away, and a HS track a mere 6 minute run down the road. I am ashamed to admit it took 7 whole days to discover that, but at least I utilized it on the first discovery.

I have only covered 20 miles of running since the VT 100 (that was 28 busy days ago) so I eased in with a 3 x mile run doing 100 on / 100m off stride jog miles at 7:20, a 200m on- (45sec/60sec) mile in 7:06, and a 100 on/off in 6:27. Felt pretty good then I actually ran a400m at a good clip in 78 and did not die. all a good sign. Time to get back on it training wise.

Today is my first official day of unemployment!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I am now officially out of the Army and not working. After 10 years I figure I deserve some time to relax a bit and figure things out. right now training the new 6lbs pup and keeping him from killing himself ( he wants to bite the 16lbs cats tail) is keeping me busy.