Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Settled now????????

Sunday- 21 miles- 5hrs
Monday- off
Tuesday- 6 mon TM 1 up, mile-6:22, 2min jog, 3miles @6:40

wow, am I ever going to settle in?? Moving from a one bedroom apt to a house is very involved. We have now bought something for every single room.... And this weekend purchased a 2007 Honda accord. Most expensive month ever for sure!! :-)

Nice to have a house though, and having a dinning room table is nice too. The new accord is great and opens up some doors to me again. Not having a vehicle where we live has been a bit limiting. Time to get the kayak out..slap it on the roof of my old Sentra and hit the river!

Also in the big Life news file... I was accepted into Northwestern's blended learning prosthetics program and will be starting that in November. It culminates in June 08 in time for us to move back to DC. Very exciting.

Now, if I could just get a running routine back! I did manage a fun day in Shenandoah running with buds from the VHTRC on Sunday. Nothing speedy, but good to be out and moving again for 5 hrs. The legs were a bit shaky and weak. I also seemed to have a virus last weekend...ugh unpleasant, but gone now.

Yesterday's treadmill workout was something I hope to build on. 6:20 was too fast, but 6:40's felt okay, hard but comfortable with HR at 160. As the weeks approach JFK 50 I hope to extend this to 20 miles.

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Trail Goat said...

Congrats on the NWU program! Nice work with the long run on Sunday... I still can't make myself hit the long trail. Hopefully, I snap out of that over the next week and half during which time I wouldn't be surprised to run three or four times in the 20+ range. Best of luck if you go race at Ithaca this weekend; I'll be missing Haverford's alumni race for Wasatch again this year.