Monday, August 20, 2007

I've been busy

Sunday- 19 Aug- 5 miles -1up, 3xmile, 1 dn

Okay it has been a while!!!!!!!! Life moves fast.... Since the last blog I drove a UHAUL to Richmond, unpacked it for 2 days (thanks for the help Quatro) then headed off to Ithaca, NY for good Friend Ian's wedding on aug 4th. Ran with a bunch of the old ICXC teammates that day and felt the blown hip flexor (psoas) muscle after a short 45min run.

We then went back to Richmond only to catch a 6am flight out the next day to The Dominican Republic! This was a reunited-celebratory vacation. Anne and I had scheduled a trip to the Caribbean last summer that had to be canceled due to me heading out to Egypt for a year... Then I come home with Anne immersed in Bar studying. So, once she took the exam and we had moved to Richmond it was time to go!!

A great time there....lots of time in the sun, on the beach, in restaurants, and being lazy. I began reading the Harry Potter series (I am 33 and male..but it okay) Got thru books one and two and now into the 3rd.

Then we got OSKAR!!!!!!! He is an 8 week old miniature Schnauzer and he is awesome. Life consuming, but awesome. Lots of pictures to follow once my internet gets back up (we had a huge storm that fried our cable modem...I'm scamming the neighbors wireless now, but it is not super great.

So finally after actually BEING in Richmond for a week... we are all unpacked and settling in. I have had some exploratory runs and like it. trails 3 miles away, and a HS track a mere 6 minute run down the road. I am ashamed to admit it took 7 whole days to discover that, but at least I utilized it on the first discovery.

I have only covered 20 miles of running since the VT 100 (that was 28 busy days ago) so I eased in with a 3 x mile run doing 100 on / 100m off stride jog miles at 7:20, a 200m on- (45sec/60sec) mile in 7:06, and a 100 on/off in 6:27. Felt pretty good then I actually ran a400m at a good clip in 78 and did not die. all a good sign. Time to get back on it training wise.

Today is my first official day of unemployment!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I am now officially out of the Army and not working. After 10 years I figure I deserve some time to relax a bit and figure things out. right now training the new 6lbs pup and keeping him from killing himself ( he wants to bite the 16lbs cats tail) is keeping me busy.


olga said...

Sounds very busy, yet exciting! Congrats on first non-military job and a puppy and new life in new town!

Anonymous said...

Hey Loomis, post-pone the job hunt for a few more days! =) Head west next week and do a few days of running around Jackson Hole with Goat and me. Glad you are settling in finally. You guys definitely deserve it! Seriously, I know you can't come west to catch up with Goat and me but anytime you want to get away from the cold of winter you and Anne have a place to stay in Tucson. The winters here are un-real. Take care man, S-