Thursday, February 22, 2007

Entering the blogger geek world

Hello and welcome to my blog! I have enjoyed many other athlete's blogs for months now and finally decided I had enough interesting things to post myself. So here I go!

I hope to give frequent updates on my training (goal race is the Vermont 100 mile endurance run July 21st) , as well as, give my day to day meditations from my current location (Sinai, Egypt) Where I serve as the physical therapist for the Multinational forces and observers I am indeed a runner and it defines me.

Running has helped me gain confidence, and obtain goals in both athletic and educational arenas. I was driven to study the body and have always been amazed by what it could do and how it worked. This thirst for knowledge on the ultimate machine lead to studies in Biology, Physiology, and Physical Therapy at Ithaca College, The University of Virginia, and Baylor University. In 1997 I enlisted in the US Army and later, via ROTC, become an officer. I have served in MA, VA, TX, DC, and am currently in the Sinai, Egypt. Working with the Iraq war wounded while stationed at Walter Reed has been my life's most rewarding experience and in July 2007 I will be leaving the Army, moving to Richmond, and hope to begin working in the field of prosthetics.

Please enjoy and happy trails!

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Trail Goat said...

See you at Vermont Loomdawg.... at least after I turn around at the finish and look for you. ;-)
Pleasantly non-competitive,