Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My First "Workout"

Well, even though I run or walk pretty much every day, yesterday, was really my first true speed workout in the 8 months that I have been overseas. I just go out and plod along enjoying the movement but never really work hard. My first goal coming over here was to build a base again. I feel like I have completed that by gradually moving from 25 miles a week last June up conservatively to 70 miles a week in November and December. In January I traveled and raced but did not start any speed training. Once back in Egypt I planned to start up a regular focused training plan to recapture my speed and fitness. Yesterday I took some more steps in that direction. Only on 8 occasions have I done any faster paced running at all in the last 8 months. These include:

two workouts of 3-5 x 300m striders
one strong 2 mile- 12:33
A 5.25 mile race in 32:17
two 12 mile tempo runs in 1:24 and 1:22
and two half marathons in 1:31 and 1:28:35

Yesterday I began what I would actually consider speed work. I ran a 3 x mile workout with 3:00 min recovery. On the base here I actually have a 1520m road loop that I will be using, so to be honest they were not full miles, but will be reproducible and are close enough.

I managed to run 5:59, 5:44, and 5:35 without too much struggle. I picked 3 min recoveries kind of randomly, and probably only needed 2 minutes, as I caught my breath pretty quickly. I ran in total control focusing on being smooth and relaxed. I had forgotten how fun it actually is to run fast! You feel very strong and invigorated.

I MUST continue these along with lactate threshold tempo runs to regain any sense of competitiveness and speed. I feel like I need to really earn the Montrail sponsorship I have had since 2001. I also decided my PR's are soft and at age 32 I am too young to give up on improving them. Both Paul Tergat and Haile Gebrselassie are older than I am and still kicking butt. I also have good genes as my father ran a 4:43 mile, 32:30- 10K and 2:34 marathon after turning 40. It is time to get serious.


olga said...

Yes, you are too young to give up on PR's:) And that foot of yours brings memories...but still perks interest for HURT. Zombie look is awesome, we all LOVE it!

Trail Goat said...

Damn. Looks like I'm gonna have to get on the speed bandwagon too if I'm gonna have any chance of of kicking with you at the end of Vermont in July.
Bryon "Billy Mills" Powell

loomdog said...

Bryon the speed work is to enable 9:00 miles to feel easy. Since right now they don't... I need to get faster.

If Jurek can run 152 miles at 8:58 I shouldbe able to do 100, right?!

Trail Goat said...

Yeah, perhaps you should work on some speed if 9 minute pace doesn't feel comfortable. Right now I can cruise along at between 7:00 (shorter runs) and 8:00 (20+ mile runs) pace on the roads... hoping to shift that range as Laurel Highlands and Vermont approach. Bull Run Run and Miwok should give me good opportunities to see how far I can run 8 minute pace.

Just remember 10 minute pace won Vermont last year.

ultrastevep said...

Hi Greg....

I, too am trying to get some speed back. It's harder at 55, but not impossible.
I've been running between 60 and 70mpw and in there I do one workout of 6x2 min's with a min rest and then two days later a 2 mile TT tempo run. These are all run at 7000' down in a canyon on a dirt road. Imagine what I'll be able to do at sea level?

Keep up the good work and I'll be watching for your new PB's when you get back home.

Your old training bud,