Sunday, February 25, 2007

Training Numbers Check In

Okay, lets take a look at the numbers:
Nov-307 miles
Dec-294 miles
The January mileage took a dip as I was tapering for the HURT 100 miler and then recovering from that wretchedly tough race. I also was home in Virginia on mid-tour vacation, then traveling back to Egypt. Since arriving back here I have been consistent, but getting in a lower mileage than I would like.

48, 54, 62, 49, 52 the last five weeks

Now that I seem to be recovering better from the weekend beat down runs, I hope to build it back up to 70mpw for a month and then 80's in April, 90's in May, and the big triple digits during June. I am not a huge mileage runner, but in general I have run better and recover faster when I am maintaining a higher volume. If you wanted a snapshot of my monthly mileage look here at the million mile challenge. Running a 400 mile month is a definite goal prior to leaving Egypt, as well as, logging my 40,000th lifetime mile. (roughly 39,300 currently)

I am in a situation now where many of the distractions of a normal life (commutes, household duties, quality time with family) do not exist for me in Egypt. So I figure I might as well take full advantage of it and run my butt off!

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ultrastevep said...

Where do you log your miles? I log mine at

I am averaging about 60 mpw now, got 72 in last week.