Monday, February 26, 2007


Okay, I am learning how to load images here...figured why not start with something gross! This is my foot after 27 hours of continuous movement in the humid, wet tropical forests of Hawaii during the HURT 100 mile race. Due to this foot (and the other one which was just as bad) I dropped out of the 100 mile race at 80 miles and accepted an official 100km finish as a consolation prize. My time was the official check in time to the 67 mile aid station.

Despite it being 6 weeks since this race, my feet continue to peel a little each day. Almost the entire sole of my foot has now come off. I'm like a snake!

Want to try a 100 miler? This is what you look like in the beginning:

And this is what you look like after 18 hours of running

Yes, that is about right. Dirty, bleeding, and with a look of a zombie! What a great sport!

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