Monday, February 26, 2007

Trials of Miles

It is all about putting them in! For any of you who have not read Once A Runner by John L Parker Jr. you simply must. Anyway, a huge part of having success as a runner of any distance, and especially ultras is simply getting out there and pounding away...experiencing the many trials along the way. Miles smiles and more miles. Since I am in the Army and currently in a command group that meets every morning at 5:30AM for a group physical training session of some kind (usually pretty weak and pathetic training actually), but my work hours do not start until 8AM I often have time to get in some mileage after that group workout and before I need to go get showered and off to breakfast.

Often after a long run like Saturday, I am too sore/beat up to run the next day but a walk helps take the soreness edge off and get me feeling better (especially at 6:15 in the morning) So Yesterday I walked around the base 3 miles-45min in the AM and after work at 5PM got in a nice 7 miler-58:07. I honestly felt pretty good. A little quad soreness, but not bad. Maybe I am finally starting to get in better shape. Yes, yesterday (Sunday) was a regular workday for me... in the Sinai we go Sunday-Thursday as Friday is the Muslim holy day so everything here shuts down.

This morning, despite feeling very tired, awaking at the wrong point in my sleep cycle I got up for a leisurely stroll of 4.5 miles at 9min mile pace. Now, like I used to in high school & college, I am day dreaming away from work and thinking about my afternoon workout. It is good to have a passion.

Today I heard form some good friends back at Walter Reed Medical Center in Wash DC. Home to one of the most incredible places of hope and triumph on earth. I was fortunate to be able to work there from June 2004 to June 2006 doing rehab for the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines injured in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. My specialty was amputee rehab and the experience changed my life. I have recently filed my papers to leave the Army after 10 years of service and have applied to the Northwestern certification program in prosthetics. I hope to start this training in the fall when I get back to the states and settle in Richmond, VA. I think this field will be a perfect fit for me as I love to work with my hands, help people, and use my knowledge of training the body.


ultrastevep said...

Ah yes....the Trials of Miles. What a great book Once a Runner is!
I am now reading Gerry Lindgren's book and just completed Buddy Edelen's book, A Cold Clear Day!
Check them out!
Another great book is Duel in the Sun, about the Beardsley/Salazar BAA marathon duel in 1982.
My next book will be Kenny Moore's Bill Bowerman and the men of Oregon.

loomdog said...

Ahh Steve, all good reads I am meaning to get too! Any idea how many miles you have logged in your life?? I keep track but just on my own..on paper, and now using Excel.

Patrick said...

Stay safe, Greg.

ultrastevep said...

I have NO idea....I used to keep logs but then I went through a period in my life after I was divorced from my first wife to simplify and I stupidly threw them all away! I had logged everyday from 1976 until 2001 and threw them all away.
I know back in the 70's I was running around 70 most weeks, then in the early 80's moved it up in the 90's to a little over 100 a week (double workouts).
Lately it's been 60-70 mostly due to recovery...After a hard workout or long hilly run, I am stiff and a little sore, never used to be that way. I'm hoping it's just the body getting used to running fast again...and at altitude! I have been having the most trouble running up here!

Good luck with it all, you're doing great!

ultrastevep said...

Oh and I've started posting my mileage at It's a great site.


Matt said...

Sup Loomdog, we're having a conference in Baghdad the 31st and 1st, can you make it? Kara has details. Lata