Thursday, March 1, 2007

Drug News

Interesting reads lately about some Loomis's getting in trouble for their involvement in athletic performance enhancing drugs sales. These were not any close relatives, but I wish they would have shared a little of the 35 million profit they made last year! Wow, craziness. I wonder how long drug cheating actually goes back? Were people doping it up in the 1950"s, 60'S? And will the cheaters and their scientists always be one step ahead of the testers? Would it be better to allow everyone to in a sense to "Build a better body through drugs" and just not bother with testing at all? Certainly would lead to a lot more premature deaths in sport...although they still certainly happen. The suspicion bothers me. Is there a single Women's track record that is not suspected of being enhanced by drugs other than perhaps the marathon? I don't think so. No drugs for me...I'll just have to deal with being tired, stiff, achy and not recovered. I accept that and did the smart thing after 4 strong days of 22, 10, 12, 10, and just put in a 5 mile walk yesterday after a great 9 hours of sleep. I feel better today and did a morning 3 miler.

Two months are now gone in 2007 already and I have a modest 427 miles in the bank. Februaries 221 was not bad being that it is a short month, but I aim to do better in March.

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