Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Not Your Average Patient

Tues PM- 8miles 64min
Wed AM- 5 miles- jog

Today has been an interesting day. It started off early as I was out at 5AM to Cheer on and motivate two of my fellow medical soldiers (one Doc, one Medic) as they attempted to and then completed the final task in a week long competition to earn the Army's EFMB. Their task today was a 12 mile ruck march in under 3 hours while carrying all their gear and a 40lbs ruck sack (or backpack for you non-military folks). They both did so, but were surprised just how hard it got after 2 hours. I have found that 2 hours of anything non-stop is hard. Even walking!

Then this afternoon we had a meet and greet with some pro football cheerleaders as a morale and welfare thing. Unfortunately one of them had twisted her knee in a show on their tour two days ago. (thus no show for us!) But, I did get to do a knee exam and dole out some medical advice on and to someone that is about a million times hotter than my normal patients. Sorry no photos...but it seems my Internet access is too poor to upload anything anyway. Bummer!

Tonight I'll do a 6xmile at threshold workout. I'm actually excited. I love that feeling of joyful anticipation I get when awaiting a workout. It only happens when I am training well and really INTO running again. I like it.

Tomorrow I'm off to the southcamp base for 8 days of treating patients there and running in the DIRT....or Egypt's crushed coral/sand equivalent.

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olga said...

6x1M...whew! I am up for 3 today, and already scared:)
I have an English setter, he is 6 mo old and crazy.
And thanks for linking to Madcity, I checked out the entrants - whoa, interesting! Got many friends going there:)