Monday, March 12, 2007

Schedule Changes

With the recent news that the Tussey mtn 50 race, which is serving as the USATF 50 mile road national championships, has moved its date to the 22nd of September, my fall racing plans are now greatly changed.

Since I have set the following goals for the fall: 1)Run a 50 mile PR, 2) Run a strong road marathon, 3) Be competitive in a USATF and/or Montrail Ultracup event. I think my new schedule is much more conducive to this.

I will kick the fall off with some running in my old stomping grounds of upstate NY. I hope to run in the Virgil mtn 30k in August and come back to Ithaca for a strong showing for my own pride at the Ithaca College Alumni XC 5k on Labor Day weekend. The same weekend I want to get on the Finger lakes trail for a strong run at the Monster marathon.

My best racing will hopefully take place in a 6 week period starting with the Tussey 50 in Sept. Then continue at the Baltimore marathon 3 weeks later and finishing up another 3 weeks later at the November 3rd Mountain Masochist 50 (an infamous 53-54 Horton mile event). I'll get to test myself against the best trail Ultrarunners in that one as it is a Montrail Ultra Cup event and a qualifyer for the Western States 100 in 2008.

If my body holds up I'll close out the year with a run at the 100K distance by competing in the crazy 12:01AM starting Hellgate 100K in my beloved Virginia mountains December 8th.

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