Friday, March 30, 2007

Back In My Montrails!

Thurs- 6.6miles- 54:15
Friday- 11miles- 1:28

Ah Yes! Back on the dirt/crushed coral/sand of the southcamp base and thus back in my trusty Montrails. I have a bunch of Montrails here that are a bit older that I am attempting to kill off before they are retired for good in June when I leave. I'll donate them to the locals who often wear pretty old beat downl shoes. I still love the Leona Divide's and this pair must have 800-1000 miles on them. I also have a pair of highline's here with me that handled the 2005 Haliburton 100 and MMT Ring 71 miler. I look forward to being back in the states running trails most every day and running in some of the newer Montrail models that I have not ried yet.

I am going to be here at the southcamp for a good 9 days and plan to really BINGE run a bit. I will run doubles most everyday and hope to get in a solid triple digit mileage week. I will only run one speed workout and that will not be for a few days. I'll take advantage of the hills here and do some repeats on Tuesday. All the other runs will be easy ones just circling the 2.2mile loop. 3 laps in the morning before work and 5 in the afternoon.

March is just about over, therefore, I want to send a happy birthday out to my brother Jeff and my Dad who were both born on March 30th. Enjoy guys!!

I googled (loomdog ultra) to find the page for my blog today as I am away from my computer where I have it bookmarked. Found this blast from the past about MMT 100 2001, fun!

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