Friday, March 16, 2007

It Is Coming

Thur- 9.5miles- 6m w.u. -2mile-11:59/4min/mile-5:42

Speed day once again. I must say the weeks seem to be going quickly and I am now happily down to my last 100 days in the Sinai! a very relative thing. I know the speed repeats I knock out while straining and panting, are merely another runners warm up and easy distance pace. Yet, I still feel pretty good about them. The speed and coordination for a faster leg turnover is slowly coming back into my legs. Yesterday I managed to squeeze in a good workout on the wet roads in between two monstrous storms.

I did a big warm up of 6 miles then ran the adjacent road loop to my "mile" road loop (which happens to be 3120 meters long) hard. So basically I will be doing 2 mile reps and mile reps on "tracks" that are 80meters short or roughly 18 seconds quick if you use 6:00 mile pace conversions. Last night I ran the "2 mile" in 11:59, jogged/walked to the mile start for 4 minutes, then ran my 1520m loop in 5:42. I could really feel the lactate in my legs and noticed my rapid breathing kicked in about 2 minutes into the mile effort, when normally it does not hit me until 4 minutes or so. Fast 2 miles are tough...even when they are only 3120meters!

This is the 4th week in a row where I have done a speed session of some sort. I hope to continue this, and hope to get faster as March rolls on into April and May.

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sarah (pctr) said...

Congrats on being into your last 100 days, Greg!

Thanks for the blog - I'm enjoying following your training and thoughts.