Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Day Off

Wed- ZERO!

Yes that is right, a day completely off, not even an hour walk. First time since I have been back in Egypt that I have done that. Hopefully it will be good for me! I miss the spring in my step, feeling strong, and being EAGER for the days run.

I just lost the entire post I wrote and thus this is a re-write...that has happened 3-4 times now since I started the blog. Sucks, cause now I don't feel like retyping everything.

Anyway, I am excited about the Mad City 100k coming up that will be the USATF 100K national championships. It has a loaded men's field of former 100k national team members Chad Ricklefs, Greg crowther, Patrick Russell, and recent trail ultra superstar Phil Kochik, and not to be left out, Ultra legend Scott Jurek. Scott has won every "focus" ultra he has entered in the last 9 years including 7 Western states 100s, two Badwater 135's, and the Spartathon in 2006. But, I am not betting on him in this race. The other guys are faster! And 100K is pretty short for Scott. Should be great competition and I guarantee who ever is leading at the 50K mark WILL NOT WIN!

The 100k is an interesting distance and I hope the Mad City run goes well and continues as an annual event. I hope to run it next year as I have never raced the 100k distance in the 8 years I have been doing ultras. I also want to branch out and run a 24hour event and believe it or not, I am planning on going after the Loomis family record of 2:34 in the marathon. I debuted at the Wineglass marathon 10 years ago this year and am seriously considering going back in September. I came in to that race in great shape and went through 19 miles on 6:02 mile pace before cramping in the hamstrings and slowing miserably. My final 10K took over 52minutes and I finished in a pathetic 2:54:31. Even more pathetic is I have never seriously run a marathon since then. I am more afraid of the marathon than I am of ultras!

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Dirt Runner said...

Having seen both Crowther run past me at Sunmart 50 and Russell run past me at Rocky Raccoon. The advantage on paper goes to Crowther based on times only. Crowther covered the course in 5:37 and Russell covered a different course in worse conditions but still in Huntsville State Park at 6:01. All things being equal, I don't think anybody can make up 38 minutes in the last 12 miles. Then again it's a different time, distance, course and field.