Saturday, March 3, 2007

Feb 25-March 3rd Week Summary

Sun AM- 3miles-walk, PM- 7 miles-58min
Mon AM-4.5- easy, PM 7- w/ 3xmile -5:46ave
Tue - PM- 10miles- 1:22
Wed- 5.5miles walk (tired so listened)
Thur- AM 3mile-jog, PM-8- 1:06
Fri- PM- 10miles- 1:15 (first run with IPOD)
Sat- AM- 8miles 1:01, PM-4 miles walk

Total- 70 miles, one speed session, no long runs

Had planned for a 12-14miler with the last 5 miles at lactate threshold pace, but the body was not liking that so I'll get it in tomorrow.

Stress and adapt....and if you don't allow time for adaptation no improvement can occur.

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