Wednesday, March 21, 2007

That Training Thing

Monday- 8 miles- 63min
Tues AM- 3 easy jog PM- 4miles-31min (speed workout aborted)

Well listening to the body signals continues to be a theme with me of late as I am both trying to increase my weekly mileage and re-introduce speed work to my program after a 5 year hiatus from such intense stuff. Thus, you can guess I am walking that tightrope of stress and adapt....with close attention to the adapt part. Yesterday I felt like crap again on the run for 4th or 5th day in a row and decided to bag the planned workout. In fact I did a big re-evaluation of the training plan. I went back to my 2001 running log for guidance on what BEST works for me.

While most training plans call for a regular weekly schedule, my running in 2001 was a much looser system but a system none the less. Even though I was not planning it to be one, looking back at the log it is clear now. Probably the biggest key is recovery days....I need two (2) per hard effort.

The key components in the 2nd 6 months of 2001:
1- long run 26+ miles- 10 runs (one every 3weeks)
2-Moderately long run 14-20 miles- 13 runs(one every 2weeks)
3-Tempo run/continuous hill repeat loop- 15 runs(one every 10 days)
4-Speed intervals- 4 runs (one per month)

The current plan: a rotating schedule of the above with two easy days between. I am not going to constrain myself to doing a long run on the weekend. Here I have time to do one after work, so I might as well.

The skeleton:
Day 1- long run (a) 20
2- easy 3am, 4pm
3-easy 3am,8pm
4-speed session 3-4 miles of repeats
5-easy 3am, 4pm
6- easy 3am, 8pm
7-Moderate long 13-18
8- easy 3am,4pm
9- easy 3am,8pm
10-Tempo-12-15 miler (30min faster w/in)
11- easy 3am, 4pm
12-easy 3am, 4pm
13-Long run (b) 30

I'll let you know how it goes.

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