Friday, March 9, 2007

Whats Your Best Workout Ever?

Thursday- off- travel to south base, slept in
Friday- 7 miles- 55:40

I was doing some work on the running log today and came across a great 15 day stretch in Aug-Sept 1991 where I set PR's in the 3200-10:05, 3 mile-15:53, and 10K-34:51, as well as, did a workout that is honestly one of my lifetime bests. I was about to go into my junior year of high school and had done a good bit of speed work over the summer to prep for, and then compete in, the 800 meters at the Empire State Games. So I had 2:04 speed and had just began doing longer repeat workouts to prep for the XC season.
The workout is a standard one: 3xmile with one lap recovery jog. I manged to run:
5:08, 5:03, 5:04
While I did get faster than this later on I am not sure I ever ran a 3xmile faster. While a senior in March of 1997 at Ithaca College I raced my teammates (I was a practice champ a lot and in races my teammates beat me....I was so stupid!) anyway we did a 5x1200m workout on 3 min recoveries averaging 3:41. In terms of pure performance that maybe my best workout ever. What is yours?

Probably the workout that was toughest...or that the fewest number of folks can say they have done, was completed in Aug of 1998 when I ran 50x400m on a 2 min cycle at 5K race pace. At the time this was 83 sec so I had 37 sec rest. That one killed. I was inspired by a book I read on Emil Zatopek.

Tomorrow I'll be running long again around the south base's 2.2mile sandy crushed coral perimeter road....but I'll be dreaming about great speed workouts to come in the future.

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