Thursday, August 23, 2007

Trying and trying

Monday- 4miles- 37min exploring new neighborhood
Tues- 3 miles- 26min- unmotivated run on trails by river
Wed- 4 miles- 0.5 w up, 5k on track-19:45, 0.5 c dn

Wow talk about no motivation!!!!!!! With all the changes this schedule oriented guy is hurting lately. My body is just feeling off compared to how I was prior to leaving Egypt. but, mainly it has been no will to get out and run. I have got 4 days in in a row now so maybe I can compel myself to keep it going.

I was pressed for time yesterday so I went to the track to get in something quality. I ran a 5k pretty hard getting into it ad pressing. laps the first mile were 1:39,1:39,1:38,1:38 (6:32) then I ran 1:34's for the 2nd mile (6:16) and continued that for the last mile running a bit quicker on lap 12 (6:12) and finishing it off with a 45sec-200 for a 19:45 or about 6:20per mile pace. Not wretched, but not what I had worked up to. I really really hate that running fitness/ability is so transient. Really isn't fair. If I have kids I should "push" them into a different that is skill based!!!!!!!!!!

A couple options this weekend.... a 1/2 marathon here in Richmond. Nothing like a road race to wake you up! Or the VHTRC folks are running a 21 miler in shenandoah out of Charlottesville. might go up for that. Main task this weekend is to test drive cars! We need to purchase a nice sized 4 dr sedan..... any suggestions? Looking to get a used one in the $15-20,000 range.


Karen S. said...

Not a sedan, but 4 doors and the right price range - A Subaru Forrester. I will probably never buy a different type of car ever - it has been awesome. I got mine with 35,000 miles for $15,000 and I have needed nothing more than minor mantaince, it has never broken down, and it has 124,000 miles on it now. Awesome vehicle!

Trail Goat said...

Toyota Prius, 2004 or later.
Four door and plenty of room for plenty of running crap. The past two summers I drove from DC to Utah and back with enough stuff to last me three or four months. It was also great for car camping or my two week trip to Leadville. Pri has also been a fine crew car at Western States and Leadville.

Bedrock said...

Can't beat the Honda Accord both for reliability and gas mileage. Also, given its popularity there should be plenty of them at places like Carmax.

Gregg said...

nice to see you back on the blog. I too have been a bit scarce but due to injury. As far as a car goes, I like the choices some of the writers have sent you. The main question is: Do you need all-wheel drive? my guess is NO. I live in Minnesota and get along just fine with a Toyota Corolla. The Prius is very nice but still a bit over priced for the technology that doesn't get you much more milage than a corolla. They rate the Prius at 55-60 miles per gallon, I have talked to many Prius owners and not many of them get better than 45 miles per gallon. I get 38-40 with my corolla, and it was $10,000 less! My top two choices if I were you would be a Toyota Camery or Honda Accord with the 4 cylinder not V6!
Taking care of these cars and doing the regular maint. will get you 300,000 miles or more. Good luck and post a picture once you have purchased. I think that Click and Clack from Car Talk on NPR would agree, they tend to love the Accords and Camery's.