Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Races looming

Thursday- 8 miles 66min
Friday- 4 miles 1 up, 2miles 13:10, 1 dn
Saturday- 12miles at 8:00 pace
Sunday- 8 miles with Anne
Monday- 6 miles speed day: 16,12,8,4 ladder
Tuesday- off...lazy

Well, I have read the first 5 Harry Potter books now. working my way through. Also have been getting some leg turnover going.

Friday's run was a favorite.....running on a track I jog the corners and stride the straights. Gradually you get faster. a 2 mile is like running 16x100m repeats with equal recovery. It is a great workout for a number of reasons. I need more of this for sure.

Monday I ran a test ladder running pretty strongly on the track. By myself probably 90% effort...surely would feel easier with company, but it went well: After a short warm up and 2 laps of 100m on, 100 off to get the legs going I ran 1600- 6:14, 1200- 4:24, 800-2:49, 400-73 all on 3 min recovery. I certainly am not as fast as I was in Egypt, but I am coming around and feeling better.

I'll go moderately long today and am looking forward to getting in a strong 40 miler on Saturday.


Bedrock said...

Glad training is going well. Good luck this weekend.

Hart said...

sounds like you are back at it! what races are looming?

Trail Goat said...

Give 'em hell tomorrow, Loomis.