Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Time

Friday- 11 miles
Sat- off
Sunday- 12 miles- 1:36
Monday- off
Tuesday- 15 Miles on treadmill

It is getting to be holiday time once again! I have been a bit busier of late with my volunteering at the prosthetics shop, work in the PT rehab clinic, and on line classes from Northwestern all seeming to have picked up. Since I am trying to stay fresh following Hellgate I have been taking more days off than normal. However, doing a day on day off schedule has worked very well for me in the past. In 2001 I averaged 4 run days per week and had my absolute best year (I was simultaneously in sub 16:30- 5k and 16:30 100 mile shape.) Something I have not seen since. In Egypt I was doing a repeating 3 day cycle of beat down run, easy day, moderate day, repeat that also worked pretty well.

Nothing wrong with taking more recovery. .... But, my main aim over the next couple months is to get in as many 80 minute plus runs as possible. And unfortunately I seem to need more recovery in there than I used to.

On the off days I have begun doing a bit of sit ups, pull ups, type work and hope to begin more specific pilates and yoga stuff. (we have tons of videos to follow I just need to get off my duff)

anyway, here's to the holiday season and all the cookies, cakes, pies, and calories it may bring to you.

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