Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 Begins!

Wow! okay lots of stuff happening lately...quick run down below:

1. I got released from the Montrail sponsored running team in November after running in their jersey and shoes since October 2001.

2. I did very little running since Hellgate 100k. last three weeks were: 19, 39, 33 miles

3. I traveled to Wilbraham, MA for Christmas and some runs in the cold and snow. I got a Garmin 305 since I was such a good boy in 2007!!! yippie! its pretty awesome.

4. I managed to finish out December with a weak 193 miles which capped off a decent year for me (fifth highest mileage total year for me in last 20 years)

5. Closed out 2007 with 2775 miles.....the 3k mileage mark still eludes...

6. My Boyers Furnace Fat Ass 40 miler was again a success. (Results) I traveled to the Massanuttens and Ft. Valley for course marking and aid planting on the 29th and started off a field of 43 runners on the 30th at 7am. 20 of which managed to run 40+ miles! This is up from 11 of 37 last year. The weather held out until 7pm when a cold cold rain began falling hard on the last 3 finishers. The addition of a bon fire and pizza at the finish was a big hit with all participants and the skinny-I-get-cold-easily- RD!!! I think the most fun I had in the whole RD experience is shopping for the aid station food.... mmmmmmmmm sooo much yummy stuff I like to eat! a great report by super star Ft Valley resident Carter W here!

7. I started 2008 off with a good mileage total by going to my clubs Red Eye Fat Ass 50K in prince william forest (triangle, VA) yesterday running the 31.7 miles in 5:14. I ran with Jeff Holdaway (9-time Wasatch finisher) the entire way and tied for 3rd with him behind Robin Kane (4:43) and Mr. Amazing Howard Nippert (4:38)- who is recovering nicely from sports hernia surgery.

8. I have been picked up for sponsorship by the Charlottesville Running Company and BTTB racing for 2008! Russell and Francesca put on the great GEER 100k I ran last Sept., the Charlottesville marathon (roads and hilly!) which I ran in April 2006, as well as, the Bel Monte 50k/50mile which I am really looking forward to running in March. They have also introduced a canine running race series for 2008. Very Cool.

Very excited for another year of ultrarunning! Happy New Year All!


Gregg said...

looks like I will see you at the Ice Age. I will be doing the 50K...have a super winter of training.

Loomdog said...

wow great Gregg I look forward to meeting you. I will be living in chicago for May and June (attending Northwestern Univ) and am psyched about running some midwestern classic races while living so close.