Sunday, January 13, 2008

So Freaking Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW Technology is Freaking Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Check out my latest runs with my new Garmin 305 using Motionbased program:


Look at the Red Eye 50K data here.


I ran the 8 mile Menokin loop with Anne today. Fun fun stuff.


Gregg said...

I've been hesitant of getting a GPS but I have been talking to a lot of people that use the Garmin 305, 205 and are extremely happy. They sure have a purpose and are quite fun to play with. Thanks for the post.

Loomdog said...


I love it! Previously the technology was just not good enough. I had a timex speed and distance that sucked, and a nike foot pod thing that was way off when on trails. It sure is fun and in the Red Eye 50k. it was helpful to really know how much further I had to go since trails are usually unmarked.

Your Brother said...

Very cool stuff. I might just have to go out and get one.