Monday, January 21, 2008

Swinging Bridge 50k

Friday -5miles w/ Anne
Saturday- 50K- 5:26 (9th)
Sunday & Monday- off

A good weekend here with a fun run at the Swinging Bridge 50k in Bear Creek st park, Cumberland, VA. Not sure why the event had the name it did...I don't remember crossing any bridges at all....but we did cross about 10 stream! Lots of blow down trees to climb over or crawl under as well! Literally 100+ on the bi-directional out and back course. Thus,the winning time of 4:23 was super impressive to me.

I had a fun day running the first 9 miles with Bethany Patterson and Derrick Carr of the VHTRC fame. We had lots of conversation before the first turn around point when Derrick began to pick up the pace. I gave chase and lasted a good 4 miles before backing the pace down and letting my HR drop below 150 again. I managed to run several miles near Dan Lehman the RD for WV's amazing Highlands Sky race (which I will unfortunately miss again this year due to being in Chicago!) Who told me about a new 50 miler being added to the mid-atlantic ultra calendar.....a Night run in August with a 9pm start time. Should be fun!

With about 1.5 miles to go before the 35k finish, where I would begin the second out and back section, I was caught again by Bethany. We ran in together where she took the First female placing in that race. I ran on alone for the final 10 miles holding a steady pace, but had to put in several walk breaks as the hills got bigger and my legs more fatigued.

Having my Garmin 305 was once again a nice treat to know how far sections were and how much I had left. This race clocked in at 31.3miles with an ave HR of 137bpm (stats here). I was able to finish up with a couple strong 8:00 pace miles coming home in 9th place.

Recovery has gone great as I seem to be getting over these long ones quicker and quicker. On to Uwharrie 40 in 2 weeks!

Best thing about this weekend was finishing 40 minutes before the snow/freezing rain began falling. Lets hope my luck continues.

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