Thursday, January 17, 2008

Am I A Wuss?

Tuesday- off
Wednesday 12 miles- 1:45 treadmill

So I have got in the habit of using my treadmill (pacemaster gold elite) while watching movies while running...especially on cold/poor weather days. I placed the TV on a cart that is easily wheeled between the exercise bike (Anne uses it..I hate it) and in front of the treadmill. We have a netflix subscription and always have 2 movies to view. Pretty good service and convenient. So lately I have been logging some good runs while chipping away at a big list of movies I have wanted to see, but have never gotten to. For me Action movies are best.

Yesterdays run was no different. I watched the Italian Job while strolling through 12 miles in the 1:45 of the movie. I start with a 1-4 minute walk, then bump up to 9:00 mile pace and then after one mile gradually bump the speed up to whatever I feel like. I honestly believe the treadmill is fast but have yet to get around and calibrating it (as Paul Dewitt describes here). So while I cruised many miles yesterday at 8:30 pace it feels quicker than when I run 8:30 outside on the roads. Due to added stress on my Achilles that I don't feel I need, I never run with the grade more than 0.0% for the entire run. I'll bump up the grade 1-2-3% every now and then for fun. And if I feel like walking I'll bring the speed down to 3.3 and the grade up to 10-15%. If I get into Hardrock I'll do a lot more of that kind of training!!!

A ceiling and a rotating fan help keep me comfortable inside my 69 degree house....despite the sleet and 34 degree rain that is falling outside currently. I know I'm a wuss.

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