Sunday, April 29, 2007

Get in What you Can

Fri- 5.5 miles - 42min easy
Sat- 6.6 miles 52:44 at southcamp on dirt w/ hills!

Well, busy of late with the investigation, travel, and what not. I am in the south camp base today and will fly back north tomorrow. I am still feeling tired /beat down a bit, I think from doing 3 hard runs in a 4 day period a week ago. That was out of my normal pattern and messed me up. Workouts have not been poor, but all week I have not had any spring in my step or pep in the legs. I'm back on the HARD workout every 3 days schedule and actually sat down and mapped out the final specifics for my training plan from now through the Vermont 100 July 21st. I am now heading out of an 8 week phase of no long runs, but a focus on getting my speed back. I did however, get in 8 workouts of 14-21 miles with lots of miles at my lactate threshold and current marathon pace. I will now head into an 8 week phase of ENDURANCE work. I will bring back my doubles (only 3 in the last 4 weeks) which will increase my weekly mileage from the 60 I have been doing to 80. I will also (hopefully) put in 3 really long runs of 40, 50, and 50 miles spread 3 weeks apart (5 May, 26 May and 16 June).

Hopefully all will go well. I will still do the Jack Daniels running formula workouts and the great upward spiral I have been on will continue.

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