Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sand Storm Alternatives

Monday- 0 miles (1st day off in 25 days)
Tuesday- 8 miles- 2 warm up, 6 at 6:49 pace, workout cut off! freaking treadmill!

Well, tons in the news lately..... good and bad. The Vtech tragedy just sucks the happiness out of you, and overshadows the good though. Great competitions this weekend: BRR 50, AR 50, McN-100, Boston marathon... Glad to see former Montrail runner Scott Wolfe running well placing 2nd at AR 50 in 6:29. Scott and I raced one another in junior college in 1994! Crazy stuff that, then in 2001 he was in VA doing a lot of ultras and ran for Montrail. Last I had heard he was in PT school at UNC. Now I hear he lives in the PNW.
At McN-100 Karl Meltzer won and set another 100 miler course record. Kudos. And at Boston glad to see Uli Steidl run 2:19 nabbing a 12th overall finishing place. Crazy speed in his ultrarunner legs!

As for me, I took yesterday off (a beautiful weather day too) because I was really excited about "watching" the Boston marathon on line by reading the updates. I followed it on letsrun.com, runersworld, chasing kimba, WBZ radio, the BAA homepage and had 4 of the 5 sites crash out!!!!!!! Letsrun ruled once again. what a great site by two nice guys who ran at Yale with my old teamate PLOW's old highschool teammate somewhere in Connecticut.... if I have the story right. Anyway.... I opted NOT to run as the race was going on during my 5pm-8pm window when I normally run after work.

So tonight I wanted (needed) to get in a hard run and wanted to do a threshold run like 3x 2 miles after a 10 mile warm up. But this huge sandstorm blew in with 40mph winds and oven like 100+ heat and, well, sand. You can't run in it... the sand is literally like a white-out snow storm. Visibility was 200m tops. So I got on the treadmill....which has been finicky. It will go for an hour at a reasonable pace then goes into auto-shut off and won't come back to life for like an hour. So my planned indoor workout of 10-12 miles at marathon pace got trashed. I did 2 miles in 16min to warm up, then 6 at my new marathon pace of 6:49 (as it has been 5 weeks and I am guessing I have moved up one VDOT level on the Jack Daniels tables), but then the machine shut off and wouldn't restart... I gave up. ticked me off as I felt really good. Huge difference doing marathon pace stuff fresh v. after a hour of running or a 10mile warm up. oh well sucko


WynnMan said...

LoomDOG! you'll have to get some swimming goggles to wear outside running during those sandstorms (:

Looks like the running is going well. I'm partial to the treadmill, although I get some great workouts on it, especially if I want really specific and efficient ones. It was my savior over the winter months many times. I have a lot of good speed and oxygen debt workouts on the mill.
However if the treadmill sucks, then you're outta luck. Looks like the training is going very well for you.

I'm definitely going to do the back2back long runs next weekend. One on the IceAge Trail where my race is and the other in my back yard across the river at Afton. This will give me the "time" which you were saying on my legs then focus May on sharpening for IceAge and Kettle. Trailmix50k this weekend.

Hope the temps dip where you are!


Loomdog said...

yep swim goggles and surgical mask...something. Today was much better. Listen good luck this weekend in the 50K, and then the plan for B2B long ones the following is a good one INMO. Your schedule following with Ice Age 50 and Kettle will be great.