Thursday, April 26, 2007

Changing Plans...Again

Tuesday- off- work interrupts, also tired
Wed- 8 miles 63min w/ 5 x striders

Well, I'm still in North camp... as my south camp trip got cancelled so I could perform some official investigation. I am an Army Officer..and because of that I have other job duties besides treating patients. In Egypt these have included: Being the building and Internet security manager for my company, performing controlled substance inventories, inspecting and inventorying the USA contingents bar, Driving along the Israel/Egypt border & climbing guard towers to confirm the presence of potential treaty violations via binoculars, and now reading Miranda rights to individuals and taking down sworn statements.

Some days you love it some days you hate it, but the Army is for interesting beast.

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Sarah (PCTR) said...

Happy Birthday, Greg!! Hope your day isn't TOO 'interesting'!!

Thanks, as always, for the blog.