Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chasing Crowther

Thurs- 10 miles 3 w up, 3 x 3k (11:52, 11:56, 11:54) on 2 min rest, 1c dn

Okay I was really pretty happy about this workout today. I warmed up feeling a little tired, then started running loops of my 1520m road loop hoping to run about my lactate threshold pace (somewhere around 6:26 per mile) It was not too windy or hot today, just a lot of sand in the air. I took off a bit quick then settled in and managed to run even laps.(12:03, 12:07, 12:05) The 2min recovery time between reps was totally adequate and the effort on the last one had me thinking that I could easily do another repeat if someone asked me too. I definitely like the Jack Daniels Running Formula workouts. I am getting faster, but am never feeling totally destroyed after the workouts like I am used to from other training methods.

Anyway...on the cool down I figured out I ran about 6:22 per mile....and that that was the pace Greg Crowther ,the 2007 50k and 100k National Champion, held in a 41 mile training run he did in preparation for those events. Damn.


Trail Goat said...

How funny, yesterday I spontaneous desided during my run to hit the track.. and did five continuous miles at guess what pace.. 6:22/mile. Not quite my threshold pace (only 165 bpm and I run 50ks at 170+ bpm), as I only wanted to shake the cobwebs out. It felt good.

Loomdog said...

So was that realization depressing?