Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Legend Of The Marathon

Tuesday- 2 miles- blah! bonked, quit, suck

Today's super inspiration (and I need some after the way I felt yesterday) comes from the great looking film Land of the Gods: The legend of the marathon. View the link for a trailer to this cool looking movie. It fired me up. I found it doing some surfing on Deena Kastor. She is due to be a major player in the upcoming Boston Marathon April 16th. Deena continues to prove that she is head and shoulders above all other American distance runners.

On of my happiest memories was running the Boston marathon with my dad in 1999. We wore matching shirts that had "Loomis Son" and "Loomis Dad" on them that my Mom made for us to wear. We were a hit wih the crowd and ran side by side for 23 miles. I stopped to stretch a cramp and could never find him again in the hundreds of runners. We ran 3:17 and 3:20 on a very warm day. I am glad to see that it only took 111 years for them to move the start time of this race from the traditional noon to 9:30am. Sure, its possible that the crowd of spectators will not be as drunk when the runners make it into downtown....but maybe they will! Patriots Day in Massachusetts is a state holiday you know.

I would like to run a very good marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon in October and I hope to go back to Boston in the future.

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