Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tightening The Lid

Monday- 16 miles-1:59- 12 miles w up, 3 mile-19:23, 1 c dn

Last night I did another of one of my favorite type of workouts. I like to run some lactate threshold pace miles at the end of a moderately long run by continually cutting down the pace. Last night after an easy 12 miles I went to my 1520m loop and ran around it continuously 3 times with splits of 6:27, 6:12, 5:47. This averages out to about 6:28 per mile pace...which is my current calculated lactate threshold pace. Running it in a "cut down" manner makes the workout fun and a good challenge. It is liking tightening the lid down on a jar.....each lap I squeeze down the effort just a little bit more.

I got hungry during the warm up run and still felt Fridays long one in my quads as I was a bit tired/sore. Not a lot but enough to know I have been doing some tougher runs. Since everything has been on blacktop, I'm blaming that. If I was running trails last night I would not even have noticed any soreness on ground impact.

I hope to do some threshold repeats tonight then head of to south camp for some easy miles on dirt...mmm looking forward to that! My lovely wife also shipped a pair of the Montrail Odyssey's to me in the mail (Thanks Anne!) so I'm excited to run in some shoes that don't have at least 500 miles on them.

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Addy said...

Great job out there. Enjoy the new shoes :)