Thursday, April 5, 2007

Them There Hills

Wed- 15 miles- 2:09- 11 miles warm up, 10x hill reps- 36sec ave, c dn

Ahhh better! Yesterday I still felt off the first 3 miles and actually took a gel after 4.5 miles and then settled in and felt normal, actually good. I did 10 repetitions of the big hill on the south camp running strong with my friend, Mike. We jogged back down the hill for recovery and provided excellent entertainment for the soldier in the guard tower last night under a cloudless star-filled sky.

I flew back to the north camp today and am about to start a 3 day weekend. (Normal Fri-Sat weekend, plus Easter Sunday)

Good luck goes out to all the Mad City 100K runners! I bet the nerves are really edgy by now!

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