Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Sun- 6 miles- 47min
Mon AM- 3 miles -25min
Mon PM- 6 miles- 47min

Blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a bit of a mentally downer here lately. Time is rolling by, but each day seems to drag on. I try to stay very current on what is going on in the states..... Ultra races I would have taken part in, USA elite running at all levels, (as I find that interesting), headline news, and some major sports news. I started reading "Running With the Buffaloes" again. Generally I'm bored.

During the week I try to workout twice a day, read, work on my written running log conversion to excell spreadsheet project, net surf, and that is about it. On the weekends I will watch a lot of DVD's from our library. Last weekend I watched, and was very moved by, the documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Powerful. Regardless of your individual political views I firmly believe it is the responsibility of an educated adult to seek out and take in information. One then either determines that the information is legitimate (in which case you learn from it) or false (and then dismiss it). So my guidance is this: WATCH THE FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People need to wake up.

My plan upon return to the states is to perform a running/and/or biking commute to work.

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WynnMan said...

Hey LoomDog!
well put! I also enjoyed your madcity report being a badger myself. I was also inspired by Kevin's run! he knows how it's done! few races, but race them hard.

Looks like the training is going good. I use some of the Daniel's methods too.

Looking forward to seeing you on the trail soon and getting you back to the states. A job well done on all fronts.