Saturday, April 14, 2007

Movie Review

Sat- 6 miles 45:44

Well my Fri-Sat (the Muslim way) weekend is ending so I figured I'd recount how I wasted my time. As usually I went on a bit of a movie binge.
1. Delta Force- a 1986 Chuck Norris (who is 67 y.o. by the way!) film-exciting, perfect for a 2 hour treadmill run. And very interesting now that I have lived in the middle east and WE as a nation have lived through 9/11. I am glad to say I have met and talked to Chuck and his equally cool wife, as they visited the Walter Reed Amputee rehab clinic last year. He is shorter than you would think, but still in stellar shape. When I pointed out our clinics "total Gym" machine to his wife she told me that he still uses theirs almost every single day. Now that is a testimonial for a good product. When we asked him about all the "Chuck Norris is so tough....sayings" He was almost embarrassed and did not know where they came from, but was flattered.

2. Saving Silverman- a pretty lame comedy with Jack Black. Hey, it passes the time

3. LA Confidential- not sure how old this one is but it had to be one of Russell Crowe's first films. Kim Bassinger does a good job. Very good detective/cop guy flick

4. All the Pretty Horses- Great drama about cowboys and forbidden love. Matt Damon and Penelope Cruz. I really like the two of them.

5. A Night in the Museum- Good family flick with Ben Stiller and Robin Williams, Mickey Rooney. Funny and a fun film.

As you can see, not a bad weekend. Time is rolling, basically only 9 weeks left to go in Egypt...but I have no official orders yet so....

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