Monday, April 23, 2007

American Running Resurgence

Sat- 3 miles- walk (purposely taking it easy)
Sun- 7 miles- 57min- with speed drills & striders

Yesterday in between patients I "watched" the London marathon on the Internet. Once again the live feed video wouldn't play so I just read updates on Pretty good. You still get the excitement and disappointments you would get with video. I was pretty shocked that Haile Geb. had trouble and stopped. But, USA's newest stud Ryan Hall's performance was not surprising to me. Surprising that the lead pack went slow enough for Ryan to stay in it for 23 miles, but not surprising he ran 2:08:24. The guy is a stud and has run a 1/2 marathon in 59:43. After going through the 1/2 way mark yesterday conservatively, tucked nicely in a pack, I thought he would run about what he did. Very happy for him and USA distance running. This performance along with fellow USA elite runners performances over the last 2 years really indicate America is back among the best in the world. 8-12 years ago a 1:04 1/2 marathon would win a USA championship and few Americans could run we have guys running back to back 1:04's. With Hall, Culpepper, Goucher, Abdi, Meb, Fam, Ritz, Teg, Torres, Rupp, and even Sell. USA distance running is in good shape for years to come. I think it is likely America will have someone break 13:00 for the 5k and 27:00 for 10K on the track this summer.

As for my running, I had a couple easy days to recover. I could have run on Saturday but elected to just go for a walk. Yesterday the legs felt good, strong and comfortable with the speed drills, but a bit fatigued still. I will be getting in a couple longer threshold runs the next two days then traveling down to the south camp base for an extended stay of 10 days. I plan to do a bit of pure caveman running there. Doubles and miles upon miles in the dirt. Hill repeats a couple days but no official workouts. Just miles...... the trials of the miles.

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