Sunday, April 8, 2007

Marathon Tempo 2

Sat- 19 miles 2.5wu, 3 at 6:35, 60min at 8:00, 3 at 6:35, c down

Tough workout! The 2nd of this type I have done recently, and I must say I like them. After a good warm up I ran on the treadmill watching the movie HERO on my laptop (which turned out to be tough with the subtitles and all, but very cool movie) was fun. Anyway, I did 1.5miles at 6:35 pace then jogged 90sec and did it again, both feeling quite easy. I am very surprised how smooth and fluid I felt on the mill all day. A very good sign my efficiency is improving. Then you run for an hour....I finished the movie and then put in the animated movie ANTZ. Which was good too, but much different. HERO had incredible cinematography with wide shots using great color and was more ART than entertainment. Beautiful picture. Then you get ANTZ...which is another in the great recent trend of feel good, lesson- oriented animated flicks. I happen to like those and have seen MANY in the last year.

So then time rolls around to do the lactate threshold paced running again, and MAN! I still felt smooth but the effort level to hold that pace shoots way up when tired. I actually looked at the grade and speed a few times to make sure it had not gone up. I did 3 x mile at 6:35 with 60 sec rest, and then cooled down. Which even that felt tough. I did about 19 total in 2:26. I took one an a half gels so did not bonk, just felt the fatigue. I had tired hamstrings all evening, and then woke up this morning feeling completely fine. That is the beauty of the Jack Daniel's workouts. They are tough...train you adequately, but don't kill the muscle fibers with structural damage. Recovery is quick and improvement optimized.

The big news of the day was the wretched windy and 20 degree weather at the MAD CITY 100K. Sucks as I know several folks dropped out at 50K to save themselves for a better day. It had a good field and some good performances turned in despite the weather:
2 SCOTT JUREK Y 2 M-OPEN 7:32:05
3 KEVIN SETNES Y 1 M50-54 7:51:49
6 CAROLYN SMITH Y 1 F40-44 8:36:39
7 ANN HEASLETT Y 2 F40-44 8:45:27

Gotta love Crowther toughing it out after splits of 3:22 at the half and 4:44 at 70k. Very strong runner and on a better weather day a 6:40 guy. Then you have one of my heros of the sport, Kevin Setnes. Man this guy is tough. Still running well despite being 15 years past his prime. On the distaff side, The Alaskan must have been in her element as an 8:09 is a SUPER time for the women on a great weather day! Congrats to all that took part on a tough day.

I wonder what things will be like next year? I hope to run it and be in decent enough shape to be competitive. Maybe they should push the date back a couple weeks though?

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