Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Getting Lazy

Sunday- 15miles- 1:53 with 4 x 90sec surges, 6 x 35s hill reps
Monday- off

Man, I'm getting lazy. I flew back to the main base yesterday and got in then went right into a meeting and then it was after 6pm and I was hungry... I chose food over a run. Getting lazy here. 3 days off in two weeks. This is the beginning of my 8 week endurance phase and what a start... A non planned day off and then this morning I slept in and blew off my double. Such a wuss!!! Anyway I'm planning a big run for Saturday. I hope to get in 5-6 hours. Have not seen that kind of a run since the HURT 100. Should be loads of fun though. But, I must admit I am a bit scared. My last long one of 26 in 3:39 hurt me and I am not ashamed to admit it. I just hate the down time waiting to recover post long runs. I do know that to have any chance at tolerating the suffer-fest that the Vermont 100 will be, I HAVE TO SUFFER NOW in training. As the good Dr. Horton says...you gotta suffer to be able to suffer! So I guess it is time to step up.

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