Friday, May 4, 2007

Into The Oven

Thursday AM- 2.5 Battalion run in cadence- 23min
Thursday PM- 4.5 miles- 34min
Friday- 4.4 miles 36min

Okay back at the south camp and into the OVEN! Wow it just got hot this week...probably jumped 25-30degrees from where it has been. South camp is always hotter as it is more a true desert and the prevailing wind comes off the dry land and out to the Red Sea, where at the north camp the wind comes from the north off the Mediterranean Sea and it is humid there with a rainy season. The rainy season has ended and the local Bedouin nomads are herding their goats around the outside of the base and harvesting the hay-like desert weed growth. South camp is the opposite and has absolutely zero vegetation growth and gets a 15min rain storm once every 7-8 years. Yesterday it was 117 and at 10 pm the temp had dipped down only to 95. NICE heat training!

Tomorrow is the biggy. My first long run in a 8 weeks. I plan to get up at a ridiculous time to start running around sunrise. Maybe even have some miles in before 5am. I hate morning workouts mentally, and so does my body. The first 2 miles this morning were a full minute per mile slower than normal with the same effort. But, after 20min it all works out. I brought 17 gels and some NUUN electrolyte tabs with me, then bought some pop tarts, and mtn dew cans here yesterday. I hope I can pull it off.

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