Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time Trial

Thursday- 9 miles- 4 w. up, 2mile-11:21, 3 c. dn

Today was fun. Improvement is fun. I like this trend. Okay after Monday's reality check I really wanted to see where I am at. I also did not like the scheduled workout of 3 x mile at Interval pace as I have found I do not respond well to intervals. So to get the same intensity in, and hopefully get some confidence back with a fitness check, I decided to run a 2 mile time trial.

I warmed up with 4 miles and did some lite strides and drills to make sure I was ready. I lined up and took off with one of my favorite songs (Static X's-So Real) and managed to run around 5:38 for the first mile and finished it off with out a huge tightening up struggle in 11:21. Obviously not record breaking, but I see I am now at a level I have not seen for 5 years. Or to be precise...not since March of 2002 (pre-grand slam) and post Feb '02's 16:28- 100 miler at RR, have I run 2 miles that fast. Consulting a JD physiology fitness table and you can see I am now flirting with the ability to break 18:00 in a 5k. Not bad at all! More exciting is the fact that I am advancing in vdot levels at a rate faster than usual since it is supposed to take 4-5 weeks to move up one level and I have advance 5 levels in the last 16 weeks. Maybe having 40,000 lifetime miles is paying off after all????!

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