Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One Montth To Go

Sunday- 5 miles- easy 39min
Monday- 4 miles- drills & striders

A couple easy days here as I didn't feel like doubling or doing much at all yesterday. A bit tired, and in my mind I know I am planning 50 for Friday so that probably compounds the tiredness I feel. On a positive note the strides and drills feel very fluid and efficient these days. Amazing what that practice thing does huh?!

A shout out to my friends/ Teammates / and VHTRC club mates on great performances at the MMT 100 this last weekend. And to the club for putting on such a great event. I hope to direct my own race on a grand scale someday and this event above all others is what I hope to emulate. Montrail boys went 1,2,4 And good friend and VHTRC mate Keith Knipling ran a break-through 21 hour race for 3rd! Must have been exciting day in what looked like good weather.

The most exciting thing of late is the calendar....I should now only have one more month to spend in Egypt. Keep your fingers crossed that I get out of here in a few weeks.


Trail Goat said...

Greg, I look forward to having you back stateside soon. Will you be headed to the Arlington area at all before your move south?

Sarah said...

Congrats on being down to one month left!! How do you know when it's 'time', when you are certain which day you actually get to come home?

MMT certainly IS a great race - in every way. It's really impressive that they're able to have such great coverage on the Internet - with photos and everything - and immediate results and all. I think we have some idea how difficult this is - they must be one organized group of folks! You're emulating the right stuff if this is your goal, Greg.

Wendell, Aaron, and I look forward to the day that we can travel East to run your race, Greg - I know that it will be wonderful event in beautiful country!

Good luck with your 50 on Friday - looking forward to reading about it after!