Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Sunday- 3 miles- walk (with right quad non-functional)
Monday- 4miles- walk- sore but normal gait

A great read about a fellow soldier running his own 50 miler in the desert of Baghdad. His was as part of the Wickham park marathons race held in the soldiers home town of Melbourne, FL.

I am recovering....be it slowly.... from my own self inflicted beat down run. Sunday I was so sore in my quads that walking was done by locking my right knee out straight and not allowing the normal gait pattern of planting your foot with your knee SLIGHTLY bent...meaning your quad muscles act to hold you up. My right quad was having no part of that. Monday things were better and my left quad seemed near normal, and the right now allowed a normal walking pattern. Still sore, but improving. I find it strange that both quads are not affected equally...but it seems for me anyway..they never are after a run like Saturday's. I was surprised the run destroyed them so much. but it just goes to show the difference between dirt and blacktop!

Anyway, I will recover and be better off for it. I will try a walk / run mixed effort today and hope to be running normal tomorrow.

Biggest news of the weekend comes from my friends in the states who ran PR's this weekend. In a 100 mile race (Keith K) PR'd a mere week after finishing 3rd at MMT100 and Andy set a strong PR in the marathon. Congrats to both!


slkrbru said...

Great job Greg! I'm sure it's hard to stay motivated when you have to be the race director, aid station, AND runner (-: but you're doing great!


WynnMan said...

Excellent work Greg, sounded like a tough run, but you approached it smart with proper fuel and mind set. Recover smart and keep on keepin on! great post.