Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Random Thoughts

Sunday 2 miles easy walk
Monday 4.4miles -39min, with a few walk breaks

Well lots of random thoughts today:

My recovery from the long run has been amazing. Dare I say best ever post a run of 30+ miles? Soreness very minimal and limited to deep quad. My super problematic calves are absolutely fine. This even despite cramping slightly 20 miles in to Saturdays effort. However, I was SUPER dehydrated after Saturday's run and I suffered for the rest of the day with diarrhea (a symptom of severe dehydration) and feeling very uncomfortable. I had no access to Gatorade, NUUN, or even salt as the little store here on base was closed and I used up all I had. It Sucked. But, I pounded fluids and salts yesterday and am fine now. I will take an extra day easy before going back into the one easy, one moderate, on hard, 3 day-repeating regimen that I do. In my next long run, I will run with a bottle and sip continuously and not stop for 2minutes and force fill my stomach with 10-15ounces at once. That was good training to get used to running with a full tummy and making it process, but running- wise, it allowed multiple breaks. Next time I hope to run steady for 40-50miles instead. This will be more race specific.

Well, as sad as this all may be life continues on. Everyone is affected differently and has different thought patterns. Personally I believe really strongly in fate. Certain things are meant to happen and are completely and utterly out of my control. Should I worry about flying on a plane that has the potential to crash? NO! If it is going to crash it will regardless of what I do or what my thought patterns and personal worries are. Why stress myself out? Why do we worry about things beyond our control at all? Does not make sense to me. Granted as I have aged....freaking 33 these days... can't believe that, but anyway. I certainly realize and am aware of my mortality. When I was younger I never thought about wrecking a car or that I could possible get injured and probably was a bit reckless at times. These days I will be more sure footed and cautious on crazy potential dangerous trail with shear cliff exposure. I don't take chances with cold weather, and I pack for EVERYTHING. I don't speed like I used to and am not in as much of a rush in my life in general. The Tao of Pooh has some good lessons in it.

I also have a different perspective than most due to the incredible things I have been exposed to working in hospitals. The saddest thing I ever worked with was terminally ill cancer patients. Physical therapy and exercise have been shown to make their remaining days better, but it took a piece out of my heart watching people weaken by the day until they expired. If anything this experience made me want to live even harder. Travel more, take part in more races and experience absolutely everything I have ever thought of. Because, again, there are things we can not control. And you really never know. Better live well now.

I am so ready to be done! How my Army can go to 15 month rotations/deployments I don't know. Mentally I think one just does not care after a certain period...and studies show 7 months is optimal for mental alertness and mission focus. 15 months is going to get many more people killed due to carelessness. I should be home and out of the Army in less than two months. Seems almost unbelievable. I am still in the south camp and will likely return to north camp this weekend. I have only one more trip scheduled to come south. Time here is indeed getting short.

Fun on the web... who knew: http://www.geocities.com/loomdog990/loomdogracing.htm


Sarah (PCTR) said...

Thanks, as always, for the wonderful blog, Greg. Glad that your recovery has gone so well - you're running great right now!

TIME magazine had an interesting cover article awhile back about worry, and how people expend SO much energy worrying about statistically unlikely things that are out of their control, anyway. I have dealt with anxiety issues for years, so the topic of 'worry' is really interesting to me. And, as I approach 50 (near year - how did THAT happen?!), I finally feel that I have a good handle on what is 'worth' getting anxious about.

I used to have a card near my desk that said "Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles - it empties today of its strength." Not bad...

So happy for you and your family that you'll be home and done soon. Less than two months - that's SO great!!

Take good care, Greg.

Loomdog said...


I love that qoute! good stuff. Thanks for the thoughts.

hope to see you soon

Sarah said...

Thanks, Greg. Sorry that it looks as if we won't see you anywhere this year - our race calendar doesn't overlap with yours at all - but good luck to you in everything, running and otherwise.

I can hardly wait to write 'Welcome Home' to you!!


PS Oops - that was supposed to say that I turn 50 next year. Probably some sort of mental block caused the typo...